An Epicurean Exploration

During the Winter of 2020, I examined my personal history and relationship with food as a series of projects for Oakland University’s Digital Storytelling class.

This portfolio presents the three discrete projects that I created, as well as my reflections on the process.

Still photograph of Grandmother Taylor, wearing a red plaid tunic, red turtleneck, and red turban with a jewel in the middle

Video | Grandmother Taylor’s Beef Stew

Learn about the origins of a recipe that has been handed down through generations.

Picture of kale, shallots, garlic, and a chef's knife on a cutting board in my kitchen

Audio | Food and Family

Discover my family’s history with food through interviews with my brother and in-laws.

Close-up photograph of gumbo stew cooking in a large cast iron pot on a stovetop

Interactive | Epicurean Journeys

Explore the locations that have helped shape my culinary perspective and skills.

Picture of my son, Khaden, feeding his toddler cousin peas in a baby chair


Read about my creative process and what I gained from this experience.